hole in the head .

these korean butter waffles are driving me insane. on impluse i bought a box on the way home, and i’ve been home for about 20 minutes devouring more than half the box.

the taste it leaves on my tongue just makes me want to keep eating it. it’s horrible.

i think arnotts or something should pay a couple of million dollars for the recepie and unleash it upon the western world, and then we’ll all be fatter than we were before.

i noticed recently that christmas, in fact, isn’t very far away. it is now the end of october. this year’s hsc will soon be done, uni exams will be finished and everybody’s life is just about to become one long holiday.

which led me to wonder; what was i doing this time last year? studying my ass off? certainly not. just worried as shit about everything but too lazy to do anything about it.

on the third of november last year i finished my hsc. i can’t believe it’s been a year (next week). but from november the third til december the first, i can’t really remember what the hell i did. i mean, yeah, formal and hang out with people and stuff, but it seems, upon reflection, that those first few steps of freedom were spent doing nothing very significant at all.

i know that i went away on schoolies, and then later in january i went to china. i know that i watched two whole seasons of gossip girl. i know that i did university applications. but was that really enough to fill up three whole months?

my mind is spinning and i can’t figure it out. is this how i will spend my life; remembering silly landmarks and nothing in between?

if so, maybe it’s best i don’t remember.

  1. you most likely slept and ate mi goreng
    and played scrabble with your colleague(s)

  2. Good point! Start picking up something like economics and blog about it! U r studying Commerce the last time I asked..

    Better than remembering silly ‘landmarks’

    • jwang
    • November 3rd, 2009

    omg they’re sooo good!!!
    yum yum

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