exasperation .

i am currently debating with myself about whether i should go thrifting. this idea has been greatly influenced by aforementioned lookbook, and also the fact that i am poor (truth) and need more clothes (speculative).

although i have attempted to enter charity stores in the past, i generally walk out within a few minutes. it’s probably all about the mindset, and i figured that if i could break free of the other typical ideals from my background, why can’t i let go of this one?

it all comes down to the power of the brain. or the lack of…

i’m tired of the way everyone thinks about things. i hate it when they try to be different when in actual fact they’re all the same. like when you pretend you’re being radical by copying someone else’s opinion and sticking it onto your blog or msn name. i know that deep down, you have no idea. if someone were to question you about said radical opinion, you’d cave in a second.

i plead guilty to pretending i understand things, and also to appropriating other people’s ideas, but not because i think it’s cool to think that way. it really annoys me when people do this just to be fresh- just to seem like they have an opinion. opinions aren’t formed so easily; someone like me with many opinions would know. once in a while someone will say something that strikes me as amazing; i’ll linger on it for a while and form my thesis surrounding it. other times, someone will say something radical that i don’t completely agree with although it opens up my mind, and i think of writing into the newspaper/magazine or leaving a comment with my ideas. i never do.

mostly because what i want to write is pretty rude.

i’ve found that i really hate the mx journalists. they pretend they’re dope shit and know stuff when they’re going absolutely nowhere. i hate their obvious ooze of opinion and the blunt critisizms and continuous lack of subtlety. i hate it how they go with whatever the public thinks is right, and they exaggerate it to the point where it becomes disgusting.

that’s why i only ever read the horoscope, vent your spleen and the overheard section. the rest just pisses me off.

    • jwang
    • October 13th, 2009

    thrift my dear

  1. ‘dope shit’
    you’re sounding like meeee

    • {JOANNE
    • October 19th, 2009

    lol i only read the same sections on mx -_-
    maybe sometimes i’d take a glance at the ”did you know” blobs.
    unscrammble and sudoku ftw

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