paradise .

been spending my life rather recklessly over the past few days. due to this, i have no interesting or controversial thoughts of my own to share, so i’ll just tell you about some of the films i’ve seen recently.

the surrogates, with a hairy bruce willis polished an interesting idea within my mind. i wish, so much, that this film was released last year, because it would have been the perfect match to brave new world; failure would have been close to impossible.

although the idea of a safe life lived by a beautiful version of oneself is tempting, i never found myself going along with it, even for a second.

although i believe i’d use a surrogate if i could afford it in their society (because of the shallow person i obviously am), i can’t see the world degressing into such a state, especially with the many huxley’s among us.

i won’t share the twists with you, although a couple were quite obvious. i just have to conclude that as enjoyable as it was, it did not fulfil a purpose of conveying any type of message as it was too unrealistic to behold.

up, however, was an emotional rollercoaster for me. i think, more than anything, up was about trying to achieve a dream, even after the reason for this dream has left you with an empty space in your heart. i cried so much in this film that it’s almost embarassing, especially considering its animated and can’t really compare to bambi.

disney and its producers really know how to move people. they pull the right strings and leave you hanging, sobbing your heart out one moment and cheering for your heroes the next. overall, up was a wonderous experience, even though the ending is not something i’d usually categorise as perfect. that film captured my heart, and tried, although unsuccessfully, to enter my soul.

  1. Meanwhile I watched Le Journier Der (or something like that)
    My god it was depressing

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