weeds .

everybody is growing up.

i never thought i’d come to a point in my life where everyone was so free. it’s so weird. i forget what it was like to not be allowed to do something. to not be allowed to stay out. to not be given extra money for lunch. but i always had plenty of money for lunch.

i don’t remember the feeling of anger and frustration directed towards my parents when they said no.

i can’t seem to relive those feelings and the thoughts that crossed my mind. those issues all seem so trivial now. does that even happen anymore?

maybe it would be different if i were still living with them. maybe i’d be a different person. weaker? i can’t really tell.

to be honest, i don’t think i’ve grown all that much as a person. i remain as stubborn and as introverted and extroverted as i’ve always been. even going through all “most important” things in my life haven’t been that big a deal. hsc, uni, moving, work… stuff.

maybe i’ve just been grown up all along.

  1. No one ever really ‘grows up’
    We age…we become responsible, we become awkward and we become tired
    When we arrive at that point, we just don’t have enough time for our inner child

    • {JOANNE
    • September 28th, 2009

    we’re always taking a ride on our rite of passages … it’s continuous, and not sudden or discrete =)

  2. I still have to experience that as I still feel trapped and jailed in by my parents.

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