armageddon .

in sydney today, between 4 and 5 am, the sky was red. not the soft, pale orangy-red of dawn, and not the crimson red of blood. just the kind of red that made the sky look like a five year old child had shaded it with coloured pencil.

as you can imagine, people freaked.

although the redness eventually faded to an ugly orangy-yellow as the sun rose, there were ongoing whispers about how the world was about to end. i imagine if we lived in a world without technology, the christians would have stood up on their soap boxes and told us it was our fault because we have sinned, and even jesus could’t help us now.

we later found out that it was really just a dust storm that tinged everything a dirty yellow. i think that’s how the centre of australia would be.

but around half past four as i layed in bed looking out the window into the disconcertingly red night, i wondered if the world really was about to end. i thought about all the things i still had yet to do, not pausing for too long to linger on my regrets. after concluding that i’d like to spend the rest of my savings before the end of the world, i turned around and went back to sleep.

because that’s how i feel about the end of the world.

i mean, if you’re really going to die, why be awake for it?

    • jwang
    • September 23rd, 2009

    its alice spring in our backyard
    i thought it was all a bit over hyped..we’re just city slickers. dust storms are so common

    skys red.
    sucks to be asthmatic.

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