the chase .

i have come to realise that i have an alarming amount of disrespect for girls that chase after guys. it’s rather appauling; i’m practically borderline disgusted, and that really shouldn’t happen for anyone except for men who are already disgusting.

this realisation came to me as i was halfway through another taiwanese drama series in which the girl tries extremely hard to, and i quote/translate, “step into the guy’s heart.”

cue cringe from liz. sometimes i actually wince. maybe one day if it were bad enough i’d gag.

what’s even more terrible is that the guy is always the horrendous closed up, mysterious, can’t give a shit about anything type of person that really doesn’t care about, well, shit.

sound familiar anyone?

apart from a very limited number of my friends (1, i dare say), i don’t believe anyone i am friends with has ever really gone after a guy. maybe it’s because they’re all attractive in some way or form? i’m not sure. maybe i’d feel differently if i knew someone that really liked a guy and really, heartachingly chased after him. but i don’t. in fact, i usually hear it from the guy’s side, which sounds something like the following:

“oh god she’s so annoying, she texts me all the time to ask me what i’m doing,” “oh man she’s talking to me again,” or “no, she’s not good looking.”

so i have this weird perception that only guys should chase girls, but why is that wrong? what’s wrong with having standards and not throwing yourself at some guy that isn’t interested like an easy, insecure, unloved sad case? especially if he doesn’t care in the first place; ask yourself, is it worth it to let go of your pride?

am i just being old fashioned? or do some people need to get some balls around here?

figuratively speaking, of course…

  1. (Lol)

    First of all, no one can help who they like. It’s a natural feeling.

    Second, you shouldn’t really base this whole thing off of a DRAMA.

    Thirdly, contrary to what you think there are a number of girls that chase after guys. About 80% of those attempts are in vain though.

    And lastly, although I do believe in being unconventional, it is true that some things should be assigned to a specific gender. House duties should totally be a womans job. That aside I do strongly believe that men should propose to women. Unless of course the woman is a lesbian then that’s different but I do agree with you on your idea that girls shouldn’t chase after guys. For the certain (listed) reasons.

  2. i didn’t base it off a drama >.> pretty sure u know what i’m on about =P

    and i know those girls exist, i’m just saying that i hold zero respect for them.

    also, there are many house husbands out there atm, but i agree in most part because women like cleaness whereas men are slobs so the women end up doing housework.

  3. Luckily for me, I have never really witnessed that. From what I’ve seen and experienced was always chemistry that made things pan out instead of one person actively trying to develop a relationship.

    Okay, I lied. There’s one instance of a girl who wouldn’t stop trying for months. It was very awkward for me. Wah.

  4. I’d say to each their own 😉
    Having lived in different parts of the world, I can say that it’s been different for me everywhere. In Japan I noticed girls do go after guys but they’re a lot more shy in nature than girls from other parts of the world so they usually just hope for the best and try to stand out.
    In France girls actually reached out more and tried to go after me a lot more than the other way around. Guys did too but it seemed somewhat on a neutral level. Maybe it was just because I’m a little different and stood out.
    I’d like to say the same about it here in the states but it’s definitely the guys that are going after girls more.

    I’m going for a culinary major so I tend to cook for women a lot more than I take them out for dinner. In return they take me out to dinner instead to thank me for the meals I cook. It’s a bit of an opposite thing but I don’t mind it one bit.

    Anyways, nice read!

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