look .

haven’t had anything impersonal enough to share lately, so i didn’t blog. still don’t have much, but i figured i should make an effort.

my newest obsession, something jess got me addicted to, is lookbook. it’s really just a collection of people that think they’re hot, posting photos of clothes that they think are hot. most of the time they actually are hot. sometimes not so much. i feel so privileged to be part of such a shallow society.

however, because there are really a whole lot of attractive people on this site, i have been staring at too many photos trying to figure out how it’s possible to make myself look as such.

this brings me to an awful and painful confession.

after flicking through lookbook’s HOT and TOP pages, i’ve come to realise that my simple asian composure is nothing compared to that of the white people. although i have always known this, it’s a harsh reality to be faced with when it’s not just the models that are beautiful, tall and have stunningly long legs. it’s even sadder when you realise that not even the asian models are built this way.

in this instance, i feel that my background has left me extremely underprivileged and i curse the fact that the stalk put my soul into an ugly asian baby.

now i’m going to go look at more horrendously attractive people.

yes garmon. i know.

  1. *shakes head in dismay (and complete disapproval)*

    • jwang
    • September 18th, 2009


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