just kidding .

on the train home today i read about how kyle got taken off air because he made a racist and fatist joke at the same time. on the radio. naturally i was appauled.

i mean, get a fucking sense of humour, australia. the joke was hilarious. and i bet we wouldn’t be an obese country if we had some concentration camps. kyle is probably chuckling about it while trying to write his apology speech. 

i’ve never really been a fan of kyle, being the half assed arrogant bastard that he is. i’m not into guys that think they’re hot stuff, especially when they’re fat and hairy, but kyle, i have to admit, is a funny man. a funny man in a lot of trouble, it seems.

the problem is that you can laugh at all that shit until someone who cares, or has to pretend they care, notices you. then the shit hits the fan.

people stop sponsoring you, pull their advertisements off your segment, and it’s basically your fault that your show is half a million dollars down.

i mean, for fucks sake, what’s your point optus/qantus? my ceo’s jewish and he got offended? are we pretending that we actually have a conscience after all this time? fuck off. i don’t believe you really care.

what makes me even more angry is the amount of people that call up to complain about it. get out of your pretence of social awareness and pull the pole out of your arse. maybe that will fix your sense of humour.

  1. i guess we aren’t over racism yet

    i’d like to think otherwise.
    Though I guess it’s different on the media.
    people are ultra-sensitive to ANYTHING.

    • jwang
    • September 18th, 2009

    god i love this

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