tipsy .

when you say and do stupid things while you’re drunk, it’s just an excuse. i don’t believe that you can wake up the next morning and think “oh shit, i totally didn’t mean to do that,” unless it was stumbling a little and tripping over into some dog shit.

all the things you say, all the people you hit on, all the people you “accidentally” kiss are still a product of a decision making process; a slightly clouded one, but a decision all the same.

but maybe i’ll be whistling a different tune when i fuck up while i’m drunk.

is that the difference?

i know the feeling. everything moves a little slower. every time you move too fast your head spins. every time your head spins the world spins. and when the world spins, you’re sick.

i know what it’s like to think to myself “hey i probably shouldn’t say that, but i will anyway” although i will always start it off with “i’m a little tipsy, and no offense, but…”

even without all your inhibitions, and without your sensible angel on the right side of your shoulder screaming into your ear…

you take a deep breath and try to be funny. you close your eyes for a moment and make a confession. you stumble for a second and lean on the person you’ve always wanted to lean on. all while your brain tells you to go for it because you may never have another chance.

  1. lol i dont do that
    when im tipsy
    i just become even more random
    and i make less sense than i usually do
    im a sensible tipsy person
    a sensible sleepy tips-er

    • Kevin
    • September 10th, 2009

    yeah white guys have shit taste in asian women hahahahaha

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