intermission .

the one thing that’s harder than loving someone for who they are is loving someone the way they want to be loved. have you discovered that yet?

she knows that everyone loves a different way, and everyone wants to be loved a different way. but how do you tell what they want? and is it really possible to adjust yourself to their ideals?

pondering, she looks up into the sky and asks for answers. but the sun catches her eye, blinding her. dizzily, she stumbles around until she can’t bear to walk and sits down in the middle of the world.

with her hands she can feel the hard, piercing gravel. with her skin she can feel the wind and the heat.

she smells fresh mown grass, and she hears the distant sounds of cars on a highway. there’s the tingling feeling in her feet, telling her that the world was about to turn numb.

but no matter how many times she closes and opens her eyes, she can’t see anything, and she can’t feel anyone.

so she lays down, resting her head against something uncomfortably cold, waiting for someone to come and save her. hoping that one day someone will lift her up and fix her eyes and bring her back into the world and love her the way she wants to be loved.

and she waits.


  1. would it be considered stealing if i used your stories as ideas for my songs

  2. no? i think it’s stealing when you steal my story lol

  3. The third paragraph really stood out to me. I like it.

    • {JOANNE
    • September 5th, 2009

    forever 😦

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