politics .

i am the girl who will tell you if you look fat in your favourite five hundred dollar dress. it’s effortless to me; i won’t try to scoot around it and hint it to you, i’ll just say it. you. look. fat. and everyone that sees you in that dress will know, so take it off and sell it on ebay for half price.

and don’t take photos of yourself modelling it for the photos.

i call myself honest but you probably have another word for it.

the only problem is that when you’re as honest as someone like me, people begin thinking that you’re just saying things to be mean. and fair enough, maybe sometimes i do.

but just because i think someone has a massive arse in a particular pair of black and red striped pants, it doesn’t mean that someone else won’t think its sexy (although experience shows that i’m usually in the right box).

i maintain the right to tell you your arse looks fat, and if you had any of your own interests in heart you’d listen to me to save the embarrassment of finding out some other way.

in the interest of being politically correct and all, which doesn’t have anything to do with honesty, i will remember to try to tone it down a little. however i know that everyone with a sense of humour and a mind of their own doesn’t give a shit about being politically correct except for those that are on the wrong end of the joke. yet in saying that, we must also consider that all of us have been on the wrong end of the joke, and chuckle softly, forgive but never forget.

because in the end, honesty is the best policy.

  1. i completely agree with everything.
    minus the tone it down bit

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