the alien ate it .

amidst all the cynicism and satire within the many intelligent people of this world, i’ve found something darker. condescension.

it’s one of those things that are obvious at one point, but barely noticeable from another angle. you look at them and you think you have it all wrong. they look at you and think you’re a cockroach. it’s kind of something the elite would see, but even the elite today are rather grubby. to get up there you have to work smart, and to work smart you have to already be smart.

personally, i know that many of my high school friends and acquaintences are already like this. they are a part of the intelligent bunch and expect to end up higher than everyone else just because.

you find it in the articles of SMH and smart people magazines where there’s social commentary and an overwhelming amount of dissonance. the writers are mostly overly clever yet pretentious and constantly sprout their own ideas as the most intelligent fact to ever enlighten man. furthermore, those who read the article are prompted by their own superior feelings to write letters to the editor formerly yet obviously contemptuously discussing the disgrace a particular view.

you find it in the huge discoveries that are made by science when the guy says “it was really quite simple; i don’t know why they were looking for the cure for so long.”

you find it in daily life where the ones at the top of the IQ ladder look at you sadly because of what you are.

they’re superior, they are. they’re liked and disliked but always listened to, whether warily or trustingly. they sit on a high pedestal and look upon the ants beneath them. their audience will always remain.

but i’ve found that the more clever things you write, the further you move away from the world. the more you theorise, the more alienated you become to both the truth, the people, and life itself. and the more differences you see between yourself and the rest of the world, the more likely it is that these differences actually exist.

so the geniuses among us are really worlds away.

    • Kevin
    • August 27th, 2009

    nice blog i find that last paragraph to be very true.
    keep up the good stuff =]

  1. im so confused.
    btw spelling error it the last sentance. LOL.

    • {JOANNE
    • August 28th, 2009

    ”it’s one of those things that are obvious at one point, but barely noticeable from another angle.” i like (:

    goodgoodlucky for accounting tmr if you do it hahaha
    omg i don’t even know what course you do x(

  2. is it genii?

    • jwang
    • August 30th, 2009

    LOL no
    ‘us’ not ‘as’

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