the real poo .

the moment you walk out of the hairdressers you feel great. you know your hair is hot, and you’ve just gotten used to your face after staring at it too for long in the mirror, so you probably think you’re hot too.

so you flick your hair, strut away confidently and check yourself out in the reflections of the glass as you walk to whatever destination that calls.

you can feel the softness of your hair flowing around you and smile smugly to yourself as it brushes your shoulders and your face. you are beautiful.

unfortunately, for some reason, this feeling will not last.

i’ve never understood the reason for it, but after your next wash your hair is no longer as soft and beautiful. nor is it in the same place as the hairdresser placed it, leaving you without the extremely hot hairstyle that you walked out with. in fact, it leaves you with you, only missing that feeling.

personally i have been disappointed many times by the aftermath of a haircut. probably every single time. i never seem to be able to get my hair back to the state it was in when i walk out of the hairdressers, except when i walk out of the hairdressers.

i wonder if it’s all a ploy to get you going back.

but i don’t understand! what’s the secret? is it their shampoo? is it their conditioner? is it their special blowdry? or is it just something in your head, like a placebo, that tells you you’re hot but there’s really no difference?

if it’s the first two, will i start investing in salon shampoo and conditioner (which is extremely expensive)? and if it’s the last one…

who cares. i like that feeling.

  1. it’s the fact that they can style your hair with a 360 degree view of it
    their hairdryer blows a lot stronger than a regular hairdryer allowing increased volume-age
    and well their shampoo is high-range expensive shampoo

    • jwang
    • August 24th, 2009


    ooo expert garmon
    but yeah ineed one of those hairdryers
    either that or invest in a curler

    • {JOANNE
    • August 24th, 2009

    aw LIZ andrew told me you were coming to meet up for a while on friday night at city but you never turned up.. =(
    haha yeah he told me you were gnr get a haircut, and i was looking forward to seeing you with it!
    oh wells next time when i see you at uni or somewhere, hehe 🙂
    lol it’s probably psychologically =S

  2. i have a curler =| doesn’t work T.T

    • jwang
    • August 24th, 2009

    i have a curler too
    i just figured it must be the WRONG curler….

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