sole mates .

i’ve loved many different things throughout my life. there were always obsessions, things that i clung to and then got bored of; hello kitty, bucket hats, d.i.y. jewellery, various people. i always move on. there has only ever been one consistent love in my life.


i’ve realised that it fits all the requirements. love is blind, relentless, sometimes painful and always passionate. very much like my pull towards shoes. i just can’t stop wanting them and can’t stop looking at them. it’s impossible to let them go.

love also costs money and effort, and maintainence. i pay for my shoes to be re-heeled, i pay for new shoes, and i love them. we’re constantly together. i’m constantly thinking about them.

sometimes, when shoes hurt you at the beginning, you wear them in hope that it will eventually disappear after they’ve been broken into. sometimes they’re comfortable at first, but start hurting after a few hours of walking. sometimes they’re constantly hurting you but you won’t take them off. and then there’s the very rare pair of comfortable shoes that you’ll want to wear wherever you go because they fit you so perfectly, but those ones are usually pretty ugly since it’s hard to find such a perfect but still attractive shoe. like “love”.

and lastly, both love and shoes are easily worn, and will eventually be thrown away. even after a long and happy life, the shoes will always disappear. because it was way, way, way too hard to love them properly in the first place.

    • Kevin
    • August 18th, 2009


  1. i definitely approve of this word play

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