at the centre of the universe .

we’ve had a lot of complaints at vodafone lately. most of the time you’d understand the customer’s viewpoint, and feel sorry that you’re unable to help them, like when their phone breaks one day after the replacement warranty finishes or when vodafone stuffs up and only customer care can fix it for them.

other times you hope that you’re unable to help the person because of the amount of dick in their character.

working in retail really shows you how many people think the world is all about them. there are people that parade in thinking they’re the centre of the universe.

today, for example, a middle aged man walks into store and gives me some completely ambiguous task that he couldn’t explain properly, and slaps his credit card onto the table. obviously i had to ask him a few questions to figure out what he wanted to be done, which was, incidentally, taking off the parental lock on his phone so he was able to access adult content. some people don’t seem to be able to grasp the fact that sometimes we cannot help them in store, and this guy was just the case. although i repeated that only the manager was able to take off the parental lock in the store and he needed to call customer care or do it online himself since the manager wasn’t in, he didn’t understand. funny, because i thought both of us spoke perfect english. evidently not.

i asked my colleague and we made a couple of calls to see if there was another way to do it, and he complained all the while that we were wasting his time. eventually he chucked a fit, told us that some people are in a rush, and asked for our names to complain. i explained again that we were doing our best to try to help him but to no avail. in the end he ran off with a huff, muttering about complaints which i honestly couldn’t care less about.

well sir, i’m sorry if i can’t help you access porn on your phone. too bad you’re a dirty old man that can’t get any anywhere and need to get off from pictures of chicks you don’t have a chance with. i hope you spend all your money and savings and assets on the porn and end up living on the street you dick. go fuck off into a hole.

oh wait, i forgot. you can’t get any.

  1. lol ah white men

  2. Like the ‘At the centra of the universe’ story. I deal with assholes like that all the time, only they’re normally loaded (scummy Irish barman here!) and just arseholes.

    But just a little bit about The Road Not Taken poem on the Eternity Is An Hour site, I thought you were a bit harsh. I have had similar crossroads in my life where I had the easy road and the hard road. Unfortunately I am now taking the hard road, long afta taking the easy road (which led me nowhere) to get where I should be. It’s all about bad choices in life.

    Possibly you have never regretted a choice in your life, which I think is awesome. I know for me it would have been great to have made all the right choices, but I didn’t.

    All that I am trying to say is that sometimes it is too difficult to take the easy road and just carry on.

    Anyway I would love to hear your thoughts on the subject so reply if you wanna, would love to hear what you think on the subject! Cheers.


    • Lucy
    • August 16th, 2009

    I especially like the last paragraph.

    • jwang
    • August 17th, 2009

    and also LOL @ the swedish girls

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