serendipity .

she walks across the street searching for the location the guy told her on the phone. strange; she’d walked past this street a million times before and had never seen a the shop; how had she missed it? she’d touched every corner of this city and shopped in every store on this street. when the strange voice on the phone told her where the store was located all she could think was ‘how?’

but across the street she could see it now. a two metre high advertisement next to a small doorway that she knew all too well. she’d almost forgotten the last time she visited, and she never thought she’d have to come here again.


what if’s run through her mind.

what if he was there? how would she explain herself? and would she get a chance to explain herself at all?

with a mental shove she starts up the stairs, slowly, one by one, cautious even if it weren’t for what might lie ahead. she’d never liked these stairs, especially as a child visiting the bookshop at the top with her mother. even after, as a teenager visiting her friend at the top, she had been cautious and relieved when the stairs stopped, only to realise she had to descend them to return to ground.

the small doorway of the bookshop comes in view, but she must head up further. a rush of memories flow through her head. the small store next to the studio came back as a hazy memory, something insignificant on the side.

she lingers for a moment before she shrugs to enter the store. it’s too late. a choice has been made.

you can’t avoid everything forever.

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