immigration .

you kids that still live with your parents take it shit foregranted.

i realised this today as i lay in my bed pondering all the material possessions i could afford. which is, actually, not very much.

i remember the days when i wanted a laptop and i could afford to buy a laptop. i wanted a new phone and i could afford to buy a new phone. i didn’t have to worry about whether buying something worth a couple of grand would kill the rest of my rent and food money for a couple of months.

i was pondering the purchase of a new laptop when the realisation that if i did, i would be all but bereft of… well, everything.

so i’m left with a not so startling truth; money does make the world go ’round.

of course, when my parents moved here they didn’t have much money either. wealth is something that needs to be accumulated, and at the beginning when we lived in rented apartments and calculated how much we could spend on groceries each week, we hadn’t accumulated much. unfortunately for my parents, it took the better half of their lives to work up to a middle class position in society where they could afford most of the luxuries they desired, but would always keep wanting more.

being the next generation, the generation that wouldn’t have to build up their own life, i should be studying terribly hard and working for an allowance that i can blow on clothes and shoes, much like my friends.

however, i will probably spend the better half of my life building up an existence before i can reach the middle class, not inheriting the wealth of those that lived before me, just like my parents did; digging new foundations and cementing a life together brick by brick. it’s like i’m immigrating all over again.

  1. I never thought of that analogy before. And it is kind of a shock once you have to pay your own bills and actually keep track of every cent.

    • jwang
    • August 7th, 2009

    no comment

  2. minus the language.

    that’s why you shouldn’t live materialistically
    then again everyone has their own likes

    ah well
    if you want to build it all up do it
    but i’d rather live each day poor but joyfully
    than be rich when im older…
    death comes when you least expect it

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