mind games .

i just finished downloading brain age onto my nintendo ds (lite), and i’ve been playing it for the past hour or so.

the first time i played my brain age was said to be eighty. now considering that the idea brain age is twenty, you’d understand that i have a long way to go.

for some reason, the second time i played, i suddenly became twenty two. i bet all the eighty year olds in the world wish they could become twenty two just by playing a game.

i remember in year twelve when i used to have brain juice on my sony ericsson phone, and i would play the games during maths, beating and re-beating all the high scores.

the craze for brain games seems to have started with the launch of the original, and rather ugly, nintendo ds. the idea that one could train their brain to be faster and more intelligent is interesting, and rather desirable to those that wish to be agile minded and of course above all others.

a disturbing thing i’ve realised, however, is that you get too used to the games they give you. during the period of time when i trained my brain, i was a golden genius. i reacted very quickly to the puzzles they gave me because i played them all day, everyday, over and over again. when i went back to my old brain juice game i realised that i was no longer as fast due to my lack of practice, leading me to believe that your brain is not becoming more intelligent by the minute because of the game; it was just growing accustomed to the things i was putting it through.

which leads me to another, more complex idea. if you get used to things when you experience them over and over again, does it happen to everything you experience? do you become immune to everything eventually…?

and what about happiness/sadness?

will you one day be immune to those, too?

  1. it really is based on consistency

    and besides…brain train is a game. and game are like that

    • jwang
    • August 7th, 2009

    when the brain fails
    follow the heart

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