racing to the funny line .

once in a while i’ll lurk on the forums at explosm and read the interesting things that the outrageously funny people there have to say. that website is the main reason i laugh at retardedly funny and horrific things that disguise themselves as jokes and comics.

today i stumbled across a thread called “the best and worst jokes you’ve ever heard.” it started with bad chicken jokes, bad sex jokes and bad “a man walks into the bar” jokes. of course, due to the kind of posters and the kind of audience explosm attracts, it eventually moved on to dead babies, politically incorrect and racist jokes.

there were too many funny ones to mention, but that’s not the reason i’m blogging about this.

while reading through the posts, i had a strange realisation that i have never even thought about before. this idea has never, ever crossed my mind.

i saw some rather familiar jokes, but with different answers. jokes i had laughed at and then dismissed because they were racist and unethical but funny. i realised that someone, maybe us or maybe them, had adapted them to suit our own culture; whereas we ask for the difference between an aboriginal and a park bench, the americans ask about black people. whereas we joke about the lebanese and indians, the americans joke about the mexicans and chinese.  not that i’m at all offended; i for one laugh at racist asian jokes also.

the point is not that some people are horrifically racist; the point is that we all are. how else would the mexicans on the moon joke have changed to the aboriginal people on the moon? someone unethical wrote the joke somewhere and someone even more unethical decided to distort it for their own purposes and audience.

i don’t know if mexican jokes are funny because i don’t live on the other side of their border, but i figure it has to be something to do with immigration and the white people.

curious things, humans. their adaptation to their environment never ceases to amaze me.

  1. we all need to laugh at something
    and what better to laugh at then ourselves
    just that some people think too highly of themselves
    and they suddenly force the joke on somebody else
    less fortunate, perhaps from a different culture
    people are people, and people are cruel

    • Raxo
    • July 31st, 2009

    Ha i thought the exact same thing when reading the thread. We all just want someone to make fun of.

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