hair .

last year, during an english class, my extremely wise teacher, mr morris, told us that there comes a certain time in a woman’s life where she cuts her hair. now because my teacher is a funny guy and likes to over analyse things, i let it go and thought about other things instead.

but i thought about it again the other day.

first, i thought about my own mother. i can’t pinpoint the exact year that she chose to cut off her long and rather pretty hair, but it must have been sometime in her early thirties. there’s a video of us when she was about thirty three, and she had really long curly hair and bright red lipstick, and i must admit she was quite a picture.

apart from my own mother, there are the mother’s of my friends and the friends of my family. of all the parents i have seen, i can’t seem to recall a single mother that had long hair; jess, vonnie, amy, christina, alison and both the lucy’s mums all have short hair. and that’s all the ones i can think of.

after thinking about the mums, i moved on to thinking about my own circle. i recently discovered (after living under a rock for a couple of weeks) that many of my friends have cut the long hair they have grown over the years and turned in favour of rather short styles. as i did this in year 11, i must say i’m much further ahead of everyone else. which may not necessarily be a good thing.

i’ve forgotten the exact reason i wanted short hair so i have to wonder whether it’s because they’re trying to re-invent themselves. when someone goes through some kind of crisis they need to feel different, and one of these techniques is to alter their appearance. otherwise, it could be because it’s in at the moment and victoria beckham is doing it, but to be honest i don’t think my friends are quite that stupid.

so that’s another mystery about women to solve for you. i for one am completely stumped.

  1. well i like a girl at my uni and she hates having long hair
    and these days im attracted to girls with short hair
    you hair isn’t that short btw, comparatively speaking

    • jwang
    • July 27th, 2009

    i have short hair garmon 😉

    and we cut it coz its soooo much easier to mess up and its in general hotter

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