square one .

she walks out of people’s lives so effortlessly. one step, one second and she’s gone. they never look back.

it has always been this way. ever since she could remember.

there have been so many that have come and gone; stepping momentarily into her life, trying to make an impact; stamping away at her heart attempting to embed footprints, engrave messages, squeeze in photographs.

some of them succeed. others disappear as if they were never there at all. only a few messages remain now, after their composers faded away.

none have stayed forever, even though it felt like they could have. at the beginning it’s like strawberries and cream with a million surprises and words that sweeten millions of seconds at a time. but it never lasts, because she starts pushing and squirming and wriggling away. sometimes they don’t notice. sometimes they don’t care. sometimes they notice but don’t care, or care too much to stop her from leaving.

so she sits alone, listening to the words of the wiser ones. the ones that have experienced everything before her.

“… you wonder if your chance will ever come…

or if you’re stuck in square one.”

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