the glasshouse .

i’ve never really lived by that old idiom “people in glass houses shouldn’t throw rocks.” at least i think that’s how it goes.

i sit in my immacuately polished transparent glass house catapulting rocks at everyone that walks past, sometimes hitting, sometimes missing. and even though most of the people that walk past can see me, they don’t throw anything back. they just return to their own glass houses waiting for me to walk past them.

it’s not just an issue of hypocrisy. it’s also one of judgement, and more importantly, how people don’t like being judged, but find it perfectly fine when doing the judging.

it’s so easy to judge those that walk past me. sometimes i throw an ugly rock at them. sometimes an attractive one. most of the time i throw them a pretentious rock. those ones always seem to hit. they’re only little rocks, hardly noticable at times. but there was once that someone picked up their pretentious rock and tried to throw it back at me.

my glass house cracked a little, but remained strong.

i guess if a lot of people had thrown rocks back, as i would do if i were to be hit by a rock, the house would eventually shatter.

and even when i try not to throw any rocks, i find myself reaching for them as people walk past. it just happens.

  1. i throw feathers usually
    then i throw cardboard boxes…
    then i throw tantrums
    then i use a sniper rifle to shatter their glasshouse completely

    but usually i throw feathers
    and if i had a glasshouse
    it’s cracked and i’ve plastered it all around with masking tape

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