so funny .

i’ve realised that malapropisms really annoy me. i hate it when people pretend that they can use big words and end up with the wrong grammar, wrong phrasing or a completely incongrous sentence altogether.

i was reading a blog full of random grammatical errors that were an obvious result of using a word beyond the bloggers expertise, and it was so horrid that i decided to stop.

now i know my english isn’t perfect, my grammar isn’t fantastic and my sentences are rather fragmentary, and at times i don’t spell very well, but at least they’re readable. at least the words i use make sense next to each other. at least they don’t have a completely different case or clause.

and i know that i shift from present to future to past tense, but unless you pay attention it’s not a big hiccup in the sentence.

writing needs to flow. it needs to allow the reader to reach the end of the sentence without laughing at your grammatical errors in the middle.

so to all those people that can’t do it properly, go back to sixth grade guys, and figure out how to construct a sentence. malapropisms are really not great unless they’re enforced in aid of something satircal.

and you know what the funny thing is?

those satires are laughing at you.

  1. lucky u explained that word otherwise i’ll be lik HUH throughout the whole post lol

  2. lol how did i miss this post?
    do i do that?!

  3. no, but you do have grammatical errors once in a while. nothing too drastic =P

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