handyman .

today i will allow you all to glimpse an extremely shallow part of my character. have i ever told you that i really liked shoes?

well, in light of the sudden understanding that a shelf will not build itself, i finally did some shelf building yesterday.

it was a little difficult at first, mostly because wood is soft and a wrench is hard (and rather painful when you drop on your feet).

but slowly and surely i assembled my new shoe rack! the only problem is, there are three more shoe spaces before i’ll need to buy myself a new one.

now, that’s obviously not all my shoes. it is merely less than half. but i do love them lots. when i moved i left behind a few pairs, which were the ones i didn’t love quite as much. i guess they’re not really a part of my collection anymore anyway, so my shoe count may have gone down. the last i saw of them, they were on my mother’s feet. poor things.

oh and in other news, i passed all my courses this semester! time to reward myself…


  1. i think you need a more efficient way of stacking your shoes =)
    but oh wells =P

    yes i passed too! woot =)

  2. do you wear all of them…

  3. Haha, good job!

    And congrats on passing all your courses!

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