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around 21000 asians gathered in sydney last night to witness the very spectacular event of jay chou’s first ever concert in australia. it was completely full, and there were people everywhere, swarming into lidcombe and olympic park stations and onto the extra trains arranged for the night.

needless to say, all the others were dumbfounded.

i liked the concert a lot, but i’m not planning to blog about that. the thing is, i discovered something at that concert; something that is slightly unsettling, although i believe i have known the truth for a while.

let me start from the beginning.

towards the end of the jay chou concert, jay (he’s a famous singer, just in case you didn’t know) started introducing his band and dancers so the audience could acknowledge them. he then introduced his dance teacher forward-slash choreographer, and handed him the microphone. the said dance teacher/choreographer began talking about how he and jay have come so far since the beginning of jay’s career, and now they were in sydney, and he has asked someone special to come to sydney all the way from taiwan.

at this point, we already knew. but we waited in anticipation.

mister choreographer called his girlfriend onto the stage, and after some deliberation and more explainations he proceeded to get onto one knee and ask her to marry him.

all the girls in the audience were now screaming for their lives. a few seconds later a chant of “MARRY HIM! MARRY HIM!” began, overwhelming the poor girl. she stood there and said nothing. although she obviously couldn’t reject him in front of 21000 people, but i don’t think that’s what she was trying to do. as she received the flowers and the ring box, the girls in the audience melted. i don’t know about the men, because i was melting along with them.

the shocking truth i discovered was that reguardless of how far women have come in this world, they’re still after their happy ending. the squeaks and screams of the people in the audience weren’t due to their happiness for that woman and man on the stage, it was due to their excitement and anticipation of what was to come.

it seems that all the women in the world still want their fairytale proposal and happily ever after, and no matter what changes, whether it be liberation, more opportunities or even feminism, they still want the same thing.

and what’s more shocking is that i’m one of them.

    • jwang
    • July 5th, 2009

    of course

  1. women and their high expectations.

  2. i thoguht it was rather random.. but i guess that was the big out of the ordinary thing at jay’s concert..
    witnessed by thousands of people… that is lik wow

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