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how do you know when something is worth keeping? when do you get to the point where you realise that it’s gone too far, you can’t handle it, and you’ve got to let it go?

i’m not just talking about people, friends or relationships. i’m talking about everything. possessions, ideals, memories, beliefs. life.

some things are easy to hold on to even when the world is against you. some things not so much.

i’ve held on to a lot over the years. i’m a massive hoarder, to be honest, and keep everything that i deem useful, could be useful, or slightly sentimental. when i moved i threw most of it away, but i’ve found that i brought quite a few useless bits of memorabilia into my new life.

toys, pictures, photos, birthday cards, especially, that are stored somewhere until next year’s birthday cards come along.

i sometimes wish that i could put it all in an inventory somewhere and come back to view it all when i’m older. and then i think that it’s over, why should i care so much, just throw them away. but i don’t, because of the massive hoarder i am, and end up coming back a couple of years later, reading through them only to find that they hardly mean anything to me, and using them to line tomorrow’s garbage bin.

so who’s to say if something’s worth keeping or not? if it’s worth keeping now, what makes you think it will be worth it later on? what if everything is just a massive waste of space?

some day… someone’s going to come along and answer all my rhetorical questions… and i’ll be left dumbfounded.

  1. for all photos you never took
    you have objects that replace them
    each with sentimental value

    you only throw away the ones you’ve already burnt into your memory (la)

    • melzZz
    • July 1st, 2009

    hey liz =P
    i was randomly thinking about you today and thought i’d see how you were lately haha…

    i haven’t had a proper convo with you in eons and i wonder if i ever will again =P

    yeah i’m like that too…i have christmas cards from random primary people in my hk yr 2 class. And i keep serviettes from Disneyland loleee [not used for your info xP]

    haha…i agree with you though. and i wonder if i was part of your memorabilia =P and then got to line up your bin the next day xP xP

    but i don’t agree with garmon that the only ones you throw away are those burnt into your memory xP i mean, you probably didn’t even remember that thing existed until you saw it again. so i think you just throw it away cos it was no longer relevant to you, as you suggested. how short is our attention span sometimes…deeming only the present and recent past to be meaningful. i do that when i delete msgs in my inbox; i don’t delete from oldest, i choose to keep the ones that mean something to me, and after a few months or to, i read it and go “why did i keep that msg?”

    anyway that was quite a rant.
    haha i miss our d&ms =P

    see you round =]

    E> melzZz

  2. dw i keep alot of thigns too.. and i cleaned my room the other day.. (cause i keep so much there is equal amount of dust to equate it) so i packed more stuff away and chucked stuff too XD

  3. I can never ever part with my books..lol..I brought 5 thick books up to the UK….LOL….Imagine that..a few extra kilos..

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