pretty please .

i’ve been neglecting my blog in favour of playing the sims 3 lately. it has kind of taken up the place of uni in my life, which is slightly sad i must say. apart from that, nothing much but sleeping and eating have been on my mind.

i’ve discovered that i have a very big problem with a couple of the aspects of the sims 3, and i honestly think the sims 2 was more user friendly. however, i don’t mind the new interface. the only thing i really mind is how difficult it is to create attractive people. i mean, for goodness sakes, i don’t want my sims to be ugly okay, i want my neigbourhood to be full of supermodels that will never get fat even if they eat all day and never exercise. i want it to be my ideal. why does it have to be realistic?

the problem is, due to the extra customise-ability of every facial feature on a sim, it is practically impossible to make multiple attractive people. in fact, making someone attractive takes about an hour of work, which really annoys me. i miss the days when you could just click on the perfect package so that your sim would be beautiful, and then change the hair so they could look slightly different. its rather frustrating.

another discovery i’ve made is that an owner will often inspect their rented property every few months. inspection day is coming up, apparently, which means that i need to clean my room.

you probably haven’t seen my room, so you will not realise how difficult it will be to clean it. first of all, there are shoes everywhere. i’ve purchased an ikea shelf to put them on, but i have yet to build it. second of all, there’s a lot of dust. i’ve never really known how to deal with dust, so it kind of just accumulates…

add to that the fact that i don’t have a lot of space, and mess is all around. but i’ll try.

now… back to it.

  1. i didnt even punctuate my name this time
    to show you just how shocked i am
    seirouslly… omahgah
    i skipped half of this post =[

  2. Oh no, one of my friends has also been sucked into the Sims 3. On the part about creating a beautiful sim: maybe that’s how God feels about making people. Ohh, I said it. He must’ve got bored when He made me. =( Ahaha.

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