pawns .

as a form of procrastination, i was reading through some old documents that i had written during my youthful years. well, two and a half years ago.

i discovered that i once used quite a lot of profanity in my writing, more so than now, and also that my streams of consciousness led to many strange places. although i swear a lot less these days, pretty much nothing has changed.

at the moment i’m in the cycle of resolution making and breaking once again. the first resolution i’ve made is to purchase the sims 3 after my last exam tomorrow for a $99.95 that i really shouldn’t be spending. apparently i can get it for $19.95 if i trade in 2 ps3/xbox360/Wii games, which unfortunately i do not have.

personally i don’t think anyone would want to do that anyway. quite silly really, unless your games have melted due to overuse or something.

anyway, speaking of the sims 3, there’s some british person on wordpress documenting their game, which has somehow become one of the top blogs. it’s about making some hobos in the game and seeing how they fare as they sleep on the park bench and borrow other people’s showers. i personally don’t think it’s that realistic since sleeping on the park bench doesn’t make you really tired in real life like it does in the game, and homeless people probably don’t hijack the showers of the people around them. but then again, the sims was never for a realistic depiction of life anyway.

i love the game because i can create a realistic fantasy land and live vicariously through them. they’ll do whatever i want them to do, live however i want them to live and love whoever i want them to love. give or take a couple of times when they’re really tired and need a shower and i want them to study.

the difference is that you can cheat. you can fast forward the boring parts, give them extra money, turn off their free will. life isn’t like that.

why can’t we all just stand there while someone plans out a perfect path for us?

or maybe they have, and we just didn’t take it?

  1. dw you can get sims3 for lik $70 at JB Hi Fi =) or for free if u see me sometime except you need lik a portable hd or something

  2. sims 3 is awesome =)
    cheats are good =) – motherlode =D

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