the “l” word .

if a child grows up amidst bitterness and hatred, are they able to love?

does human nature simply allow people to love, without knowing or experiencing what it is? or, like everything else that does not come naturally to us, is it monkey see, monkey do?

i know many of you will bid that it’s instinctive, like breathing or hunger or sexual attraction. or maybe like happiness and sadness; something you can feel with your heart. yet who governs what makes us happy or sad? why do some material things make us happy, and why do some people make us sad?

could it be nurture rather than nature? and if so, who would nurture us to love?

you would probably say that our family is the true example of love; the example they provide of it being boundless and unconditional is one of the first lessons we ever learn. and then there’s hollywood, which shows us the stories of how, with love, we can achieve excitement, happiness and perfection.

but without them guiding the way, would we know how to feel? if a child has never seen a fairytale, never felt a kiss and never experienced a hug, how would they know what it feels like in their heart? is it possible that they would live their whole lives only able to experience the simplest of all emotions rather than the complex idea of loving someone?

how would they describe that feeling when your heart drops as you see someone falling for someone else? would they feel this at all?

  1. i was thinking that a few months ago
    that if tv determined our thinking
    and perspective
    i thought it was impossible for us to grow up without tv
    but i dont know anyone who hasnt

    if there are no parents
    tehre is always the alternative
    the internet, the television, film
    and to a lesser extent society or friends

    one way or the other
    people eventually figure out how they should feel
    after all attraction is instinctual
    it’s just we don’t know how to play that game

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