winter .

he stays quiet as she bares her soul, watching and waiting for him to say those words so they can go their separate ways.

she doesn’t know, and has never known, what he thinks, what he feels and why he has felt that way. he knows everything now. and she wishes that he would just let her be. it’s been so long since nobody knew what she was holding back.

the sun embraces her skin, allowing her to relax and smile subconsciously, forgetting for a moment what was to come.

silence. it exaggerates everything. every step, every movement. every word left unspoken.

but a pin drops and the atmosphere breaks.

she wishes she could beg him to stay. but she knows theres nothing she can do.

the sun hides behind her bricks, getting tired of glaring through the window. suddenly a chill spreads across her body, eliminating the complacency from before.

and somewhere in the background a song plays.

“… and now i’m sitting here thinking it through. i’ve never been anywhere as cold as you…”

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