common ground .

when people bitch about their lives on their blogs, a recurring theme is how they are misunderstood and others don’t know them at all. i’ve read many blogs that thrive on screaming that outsiders do not understand… and maybe they don’t understand why all you do is whine on your little net space while expecting people to read your hidden messages and care what you say. it’s true, no one knows you for the person you really are when they peer in on your life like this. how tragic.

i’m different. maybe not in the part about the whining and all, but i do believe the people that read my blog know me much better than the people that know me in person and don’t read my blog.

if you fit in both categories then that’s an extra bonus; more lizi understanding for you. my thoughts are much more well expressed, more explicit and more expressable here than anywhere in my real-world-life. which is pretty sad when you think about it, really.

so since we’re talking about me, i really have to tell you that i love my job. apart from the annoying people that don’t believe or don’t understand what you say, i must say that helping people is extremely rewarding, and the commission is even more so. i never realised helping people would feel so good; for some reason my charity endeavours during high school never had this kind of effect on me.

i wonder if this is how those social workers, or whoever helps other people feels. although it would probably be completely different if it were voluntary.

okay my wireless broadband is playing up. time to go. more self absorbed-ness next time.

  1. i wouldn’t have expected that from you
    feeling good about that kinda thing
    clearly i don’t know you as well as i think

    • jwang
    • June 8th, 2009

    commission is good =DD
    i should fully get commission for selling jewellery >=[

  2. Blos are so useful.
    My friends now know what is happening in my life and what I am feeling.
    Sometimes when they ask how’s life, I just tell them to read my blog instead.
    Lazy much?
    Maybe blogs arn’t such a good thing.

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