squish .

it is the first day of winter today. oh dreaded, hated winter, why do you mock me so. soon the days will be swallowed by the nights, and life as we know it will discontinue due to the dread of stepping outside into the cold. sigh.

so on the train home today i sat next to a free newspaper the train stations in sydney’s cbd offer. usually i would miss out because i finish work so late, but today this discarded newspaper on my seat was just what i needed to keep me entertained.

i flipped to the overheard section first to laugh at the stupid things people have overheard others saying while in public. the stupidity of some of them are honestly appauling. but hilarious.

then i read the rest of the page, and came across a tiny paragraph that really caught my attention. someone had written, obviously in reply to a former comment that has been published, the following;

I am sick of people treating those of us who are overweight as though we are rubbish. Skinny and DT (from the Thursday edition) you make me sick. You are rude, inconsiderate and demeaning. I’d love to be the one who sits next to you and squishes you like a bug. – Bug Squisher

my first reaction was a fit of laughter. my second was to defend my own kind (the skinnies of the world). i must admit, i thought of many rude comments that i could say to mister/ms bug squisher, none of which would be suitable for publishing in a daily newspaper. although i had missed out on the thursday edition, i can imagine what skinny/dt had said, as their comments would most likely be similar to the rants i write myself.

so for all the bug squishers out there, this is my take on the subject:

when we sit on public transport, the seats are usually not singular. when you share a seat with someone, you expect to have half-half. when you go over your own half, you’re invading someone’s personal space. i don’t think you’re rubbish, and i wouldn’t treat you like rubbish. however the matter would be completely different if you smelled bad, but that’s another story.

the fact that thin people are unable to comprehend the joys of obesity should not surprise you. neither should the fact that people like their personal space. just because you’re unable to achieve personal space, it does not mean you should keep other people from getting at it.

go campaign for bigger bus seats or something. instead of eating LOL

  1. winter is kool =P

    p.s. haven’t been here nor mine for a while =)

  2. if you were fat
    you wouldnt be so righteous >=3

    winter is the best
    walked home at midnight last night
    i swear i was dying
    when you exhale slowly usually warm air would blow out but it was icy cool
    and the air materialised as well
    so i could see how could it was
    god damn

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