fortunately . unfortunately .

i don’t like those people that fall in “love” easily. they annoy me in the way a stupid child that refuses to eat but then complains that they’re hungry annoys me. fortunately for me, i don’t know many of these people. unfortunately, i do know a few.

i know that it’s best to keep my mouth shut when i’m talking to them about their latest infatuation. but i won’t. i will usually end up telling them that they’re dumb rather impolitely and tell them to move on. they do, of course, but at the time that i give them this advice they beg me to see that it is impossible. i just want to say “your face is impossible.”

they think they need them so much, that sudden infatuation. they think the other person matters so much when it’s just so obvious that they don’t. people that you need are hard to come by.

there are the obvious ones: your family; the ones that provide for you and care for you in your earliest years and the ones you begin to depend on. if it weren’t for them you probably wouldn’t be the person you are today, as well fed or as well clothed or anything that you are and potentially could be.

who else do we think we need? your childhood best friend? did you really need someone to sit with you at lunch for all those years, claim that they were your best friend and split your lunch with you even though they had their own?

or your high school boyfriend who bought you movie tickets and dinner once a week in return for your affection for a couple of months before you both decided that there was someone more suited to your taste?

who do we really need?

because right now i feel like i don’t need anyone.

  1. you really only need yourself
    everyone else is a bonus
    or a burden
    depends how you see it.

    • jwang
    • May 21st, 2009

    but u are needed

  2. Depends on the person..I think I agree with Garmon..

    Infactuations..I am kind of afraid that I haven have one in a long long time..Now I am worried I won’t get one ever again..

    In my opinion, if rationality takes over everything, the world would lose its appeal..

    • zhoulucy
    • May 29th, 2009

    Needing someone, to me is a product of boredom 🙂 , or to be quite frank,to further add excitement/sorrow to your life 🙂

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