the ascertained .

yesterday i heard a piece of truth that, although obvious, i had never realised before. it was the kind of surprising-but-true-kind-of-funny joke. it went like this;

“in this life, you pay things off. you can pay off your car, you can pay off your education fees, you can pay off your house. but the one thing you can never pay off is your phone bill.”

i laughed. a oh-shit-i-never-realised-that kind of laugh.

if only i had known that for my vodafone interview. the human resources guy would have hired me on the spot.

i’ve learned a lot of surprising things recently, actually. economics has taught me a lot; the main lesson i’ve learnt being that i’m not very good at economics. i believe the more asian way of thinking now: that more knowledge makes you want to learn more, but the asians just have a more narrow way of thinking.

i remember when my mother used to tell me that knowledge was power, i’d say that ignorance is bliss. and to a degree, it’s true. my mother used to tell me about the frog in the well that could only see a small section of the sky, and couldn’t imagine what would be beyond the walls of the well. she’d tell the story so as to let me know that knowledge is boundless, and the frog with the small piece of sky was dumb. what i got from the story is that the frog was happy, and didn’t know what it was missing out on, which allowed it to live a content and enjoyable life. i wanted to be like that frog.

both scenarios are equally valid; you can pursue knowledge endlessly until you go insane, or you can live in the bliss of ignorant stupidity. when i wanted the first one it was because i hated the endless pursuit of something i could never have completely. and it is not powerful at all, it is in fact rather burdensome.

but i understand now. it is better to live knowing what happens in the world, and understand the things around you. hazy acceptance will allow us to decend into anarchy.

you must not run away from knowledge and understanding, and you must not talk about the things you don’t understand at all.

people will laugh at you.

    • darkcloudv2
    • May 15th, 2009

    something i do all the time
    and still manage to get away with it

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