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a sigh of relief just escaped my body. i don’t have anything to do until semester exams. which is in a month.

party time? hardly.

i start work at vodafone a week from today. it should be interesting, and hopefully it will earn me a lot of commission, but i’m also a little apprehensive. in the mail two days ago i received a 3kg package full of all the documents i had to read and sign. when i pulled it out i almost fell over. that’s how crazy it is. throughout the papers there were tabs that exclaimed “SIGN HERE!” which made me feel like i was signing divorce papers like they do in the movies.

the amount of precaution has made me cautious. there are so many clauses of “ifs” that i can’t really be bothered to read them all, but i’m sure there’s some dodgy fine print in there. there always is. i sometimes wonder whether it would just be better to work for some asians, receive cash in hand and not pay tax. but it also has its downsides, like everything else; no superannuation, for one. personally i have two super funds, both holding a couple of hundred dollars. yay for preparing for retirement.

i was thinking about how, statistically, only about 1% of people over 65 retire wealthy. a further 5% are able to support themselves, and the rest either have to work, rely on a pension or survive on their kiddies. it’s a little embarrassing, and rather sad actually. i’m sure right now, at the young age of 18, i don’t believe i will retire poor, but i bet most of those 94 percentile didn’t either. it’s just so much harder to get rich than it used to be.

so make an investment; have kids. or not, because there are too many already.

    • darkcloudv2
    • May 14th, 2009

    man you totally killed my dreams of retirement
    i guess i could just die young

  1. i’ve always told you i want to die at 30. it seems that everything just backs this idea up xD

  2. That is what most young people wish for (the alternative is to be filthy rich)..I just hope to be able to support myself..I do want kids!!


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