out of the blue .

have you ever come across anything that made so much sense, but you still found it hard to believe? i mean sure, there are heaps of flaws in the logic that you could argue against, but in the end it makes more sense their way than it does yours. are you just being stubborn? or is it because your way of thinking is stuck way too far in your head?

out of the blue today i was inspired by someone completely random and unexpected. he wasn’t someone i’d expect to be inspired by, or someone i consider anything out of the ordinary really.

but you know, passion overrides all that, i think. when someone’s passionate about something they believe in, it doesn’t really matter if they’re the random hobo on the street screaming about the apocalypse. if they’re passionate enough, you’ll probably start getting worried.

anyway, this person has kind of inspired me to read the book rich dad, poor dad, which i know was a hit when it came out but i never saw the appeal. i have to find some way of getting it rather than borrowing it off my one friend, because that would be embarrassing and i’m too stubborn to let go of my pride.

so i’ll tell you how that goes when i find the time to read it.

until then, i’ve had enough inspirations. or maybe just enough surprising inspirations.

    • Garmon
    • May 6th, 2009

    who was the inspirer?

  1. PLease..the book is really not that great..Robert Kiyosaki builds sandcastles in the sky….

    Everything seems achievable to everyone..I am not buying that….

  2. i don’t think i’ll name the inspirer, just in case they come across this and get offended.

    and i will give a review after i’ve read it. however, i’m not going to buy it, so i need to find a way to obtain it.

  3. i read the beginning and the first thing that popped into my head what when my 12 year old brother told me that he is going out with a girl today. there’s something in me that wants to believe that logically my weird brother cannot get girls for his life, but then it turns out that its actually happened. it was a weird feeling. but i doubt ‘puppy love’ like that would last long.

    • jwang
    • May 9th, 2009

    I read it in yr 10
    it made me believe i’ll be rich
    but look at me now

  4. Yes yes! Like what I said! The book seems to make fairytales come true..BE REALISTIC! Its one thing to work hard, but it is another thing to get rich..

    People in the construction sites work their hours like ants..But construction workers that get rich aint that all common!

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