secrets .

on the bus to uni today there was this guy sitting facing me. i usually look out the window, but once in a while it is unavoidable to look straight ahead, and hence at that guy. he wasn’t good looking or anything, so i wasn’t secretly checking him out or trying to initate eye sex. this guy kept smiling to himself due to whatever he was thinking about. i guess he was replaying some wonderful memory in his head or something, because he just wouldn’t stop smiling to himself. he wasn’t texting, watching anything, or listening to music. just smiling.

i do that a lot; randomly smile to myself in public because i thought of something funny, and then stop just in case someone saw me.

i guess it just means that i have some pretty good memories, or just that my mind wonders a lot.

most of the time it’s just an out of the blue reminisce about the great times i used to have with someone i used to know. sometimes it’s something heartwarming or cute or adorable that someone has done that still makes me smile.

i have a feeling that i haven’t created any of these moments lately. i don’t think i will look back upon this period of time in my life and smile to myself secretly.

but at least i still have some of these moments. lets hope they don’t fade away any time soon.

    • darkcloudv2
    • May 4th, 2009

    when i do that
    i twist my face to look like i was just wdf-ed.
    i think if a person walked by and saw me do that they’d get scared
    i miss being a child. watching anime compensates for that

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