left or right .

he looks at his phone, hesitates for a moment and puts it down. on the other side of the walls, she does the same. there will be no hollywood moment when they call at the same time and can’t get through because neither of them will move.

he sighs and picks up a pen to write down all the things he still needs to do. she makes a to do list in her mind, hoping she will remember it the next day, but not bothering to write it down. all these tasks, and all the lists of priorities.

and never enough time.

she picks up some books, trying to convince herself to read them, but her mind won’t focus. he sits down, searching for something to do, but nothing seems worth it.

she goes to bed, hoping she will fall asleep soon instead of rolling around and thinking of things she shouldn’t think of. he goes out for a walk, purposely not taking the mobile phone just in case he uses it.

and they wonder if the moment will come when the other person walks away.

  1. What a frustrating stalemate. =(

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