black .

my aim in life is to be the first person to look good in a graduation gown.

no, not really. my aim is probably just to get into a graduation gown with authenticity, rather than stealing it, taking a photo and forging a graduation document.

but seriously, what’s with that long black thing with the funny heavy square hat and a bit of fractured string hanging off a corner? so majestic. for goodness sakes.

it just looks like a kid pretending they were an evil version of superman. woooosh.

there are graduates standing outside the window of the building i’m in right now. they’re taking photos and feeling happy and receiving flowers and probably feeling cold. it’s been fucking freezing lately.

i wonder if i, like them, will have people taking photos of me and giving me flowers when i graduate. i never invited my parents to my high school graduation, which was an extremely emotional experience for some. there were people that had their whole families there, standing tall and proud and beaming with tears coming out of the corners of their eyes.

i made friends with their families and stood with them while they happily took pictures.

the word family just means so much to me.

  1. yeah it’s not an amazing chapter in my life either
    i guess it’s because we’re asian
    they raised us wrong
    so our real parents would be tv and the internet
    our parents clothed and fed us but our fake parents taught and shaped us

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