taxi .

i wonder what it would be like to be one of those in between people. like the bartender or the taxi driver or the bouncer of the night club that you just got kicked out of for starting a drunken fight with the girl that was hitting on your boyfriend. they pass through people’s lives, seeing all these inner emotions that close friends and family would normally not even see. and even though they can only see through a tiny window, what they see is so real and so raw.

the said person will probably be embarrassed about it for the rest of their lives, and avoid that bar or that club in fear of seeing that person.

unfortunately for me, it’s very hard to avoid a particular taxi driver.

i got into a taxi crying the other day. it was actually a pretty funny experience, because the minute i got in, the driver said to me “don’t cry, he’s not worth it.” and i laughed, because he made such a simple assumption, and maybe, in most cases this assumption would be true.

but out of all the times i’ve cried in public (which is very little, in case you were wondering), this was one of the ones that wasn’t about a “he.” the taxi driver then went on to tell me that “all men are like this; all men like to make women cry.”

so because i was learning such a valuable life lesson, i didn’t stop to correct him. i just laughed and waited til my face stopped looking like a tomato, and went to work.

  1. Oh my! This piece of writing is terribly funny! I think the driver’s assumptions hit the spot 2!

    Oh well, I plan to just get married and live a secluded live on Corsica Island….How I wish that would come through..

  2. first off
    why did you ride at taxi to work
    second of all
    im damned curious why you were upset
    and third of all
    im sure they dont see things like that
    its just a normal everyday job for them
    but its nice to think that way

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