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random question; are people born with creativity? are people that are great at any form of art, such as painting or music or drama, born with their talents? or do they practice until they can almost perfect it?

i’ve always believed that they were. although it sometimes seemed like an excuse for not having any special interest in art or music, and quitting piano and drawing classes, it wasn’t. i honestly believe that one must be born with some kind of gift to excel at these arts. my mother always told me that it was all about hard work. but i see her as a bullshit artist that somehow believes in what she says.

i wonder if it’s hard for those people to try to excel at things they have to practice to be good at. like me and economics; i can’t think like an economist to save my life. i physically have to tell myself that i’m wrong after my initial response to a question, and try to figure out the right answer by pretending to see things the way economists do. i need to practice so much to get a hold of the subject it’s ridiculous.

there are people that tell me that there’s no such thing as a gift, or a natural talent, and it’s all about nurture, environment and the person themselves. i just can’t believe that someone like mozart, whose best composition was written in his 12th year, did not have a gift for music.

or maybe i’m just in denial about being bad at everything i could have been good at.

  1. You’re right and wrong at this one.

    people who are born gifted are just like that. but that doesnt stop people who arent as gifted as those who are. if you really do practise at something and i mean REALLY practise now half-assed clowning around, you’d be able to get really good.

    drawing and singing are examples of a gift and being able to learn about it. you just need persistence and passion. and a fuckload of it too

  2. i def have mixed responses on this one.

    your example of mozart , like many famous composers he probably have perfect pitch which is a big deal when it comes to music. he was also born into a family of musicians and composers which would affect him musically in some way. he started composing when he was five, so i would say he was probably born with some natural talent there.

    then theres the total tone deaf people that have no rhythm at all. there are people like that that try really really hard and work their ass off and eventually turn out to be pretty darn good.

    like the person above. there are some stuff that people are born gifted with. some people are just born with vivid artistic skills, totally beautiful voice and total insanely functioning brains (eistine). but even if they are born with gifts, it’s up to them to take those skills and practice it to its full protential.

  3. Nothing replaces talent..Hard work without the spark will not light the flame..And I am not alone in saying this..

    Nevertheless, many motivators, teachers and the sort love to crap on how talent isn’t important..

    While nurture is important, a person should focus on areas that he is talented in..

    PS: bout Economics, it really isn’t that bad right? Anyway, you can’t escape it..Whenever you see money and a price tag, you are facing economics..LOL

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