pizza .

so i’ve degraded to a position i have never thought possible.

i am sitting in an internet cafe.

it’s a very long story about how i got there, but it’s mostly because i had to do an online quiz for uni, which was incredibly hard and rather terrible. this, along with the fact that i hate maths and don’t really like geeky sweaty men, makes my life rather unpleasant for the time being.

well, kind of anyway.

although internet is not an expensive entity, i have decided not to get it until i’m completely stable and won’t accidentally become so broke that i will have to move back into my parents’ house. think of the embarrassment.  oh the shame.

so i’ve just got to do this for now. it’s okay, though. like i said before, i’m willing to sacrifice all these things for my independence.

i’ve been really tired lately. i sleep a surprisingly large amount, and spend most of my spare time doing nothing or watching asian series. i can’t really be bothered to go out, although i did go to a cruise the other night. life is one big nap, with horrendously concentrated parts of university life shoved in between.

food is one thing that i get plenty of, though. i had pizza about six times last week, and i predict that i will be shaped like a snowball in no time. when my mother sees me she’ll know i was right; that she kills my appetite and that’s the reason i’m so thin.

i guess i’m fucked for the rest of my life.

  1. well you’ve pretty much gotten to the stage where you’re pretty settled in
    it’s not as bad as you think it is
    at least you’re not in the presence of your mother
    and you shouldn’t have to think abuot her anymore

    pizza isn’t exactly the most delicious of all meals
    why not eat with your housemate or something

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