conformity .

today i saw two men kissing on a  park bench. it wasn’t even just normal kissing: it was full frontal sit-on-lap, hands-up-shirt, tongue and hands everywhere pashing. they were both rather fat and very bald. now before you ask, i was not disgusted at the sight of them and i did not think privately in my head to tell them to get a room. i was just a little surprised.

originally i thought my brain had processed it wrong; maybe the bold one on top was actually a woman. but as i got closer it eventually became obvious that it was not. it was kind of awkward, even though they didn’t realise anyone was looking. it wasn’t that pleasant anyway, but i honestly didn’t shudder in horror.

it was just weird, you know?

the thing is… are we really moving into an era that you can do something like that in broad daylight? i mean, i know couples do sit on each other in parks and make out, i’ve seen it enough, but i guess it just hasn’t hit me that we’re so accepting yet. public displays of affection are kind of pretty low on anyone’s list when they’re walking through a park and happen to look at some people. i wonder how many people walked past those guys and thought it was gross, and i wonder how many people thought it was okay.

in australia gay marriages are still illegal and there’s still that resonating discrimination in everything. even though it seems okay most of the time, there are days and events that make you realise that racism, sexism and all kinds of discrimination still exist.

when my friends and i went on schoolies in coffs harbour there was a bunch of girls that said, quiety and to themselves, that we should go back to our own country. which is funny because they were all fat and we were much hotter than they were. okay, forget i said that. (but it’s true).

also, i kind of flinched when, right at the beginning of watchmen there was this scene where these two chicks were lying dead on a bed and on the wall, painted in blood, were the worlds “lesbian whores.” it was pretty mind blowing, actually.

i guess there are just too many ways of being different, and just as many ways of being “wrong.”

  1. it’s funny how you mention being wrong because for some apparent reason, you’ve yet to differentiate BOLD from BALD.

    when one is BOLD they are daring, and courageous

    when one is BALD they are losing hair

    may this be a lesson to you all..

    and I still happen to thing PDA isn’t cool. especially if it gets touchy feely. because you can have a makeout session. people have their moments. but when the hands begin a fondling action, that’s way too far.

    • thesunshineonmyface
    • March 30th, 2009

    lol liz….i dont think ill ever come across half the situations you have been through..xD naww schoolies… misses yooh la^^

    • jwang
    • March 31st, 2009

    LOL nice

    • blueprint4ndbeauty
    • April 1st, 2009

    Me, I’m a big fan of the PDA…I would’ve sat down right next to them on the bench, got my face as close as humanly possible (without actually partaking in the session) and just stared, with an enormous grin on my face.

    But that’s just me…

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