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i want some time to myself. i haven’t had that in a really, really long time. it hasn’t really occured to me that it was missing, because i would have thought time to myself would be boring, but right now that’s what i really want. i just want to sit down in my room and listen to music and do nothing like i used to.

life is rather hectic. it’s on a roll down a very big hill, moving extremely fast and knocking a lot of things over along the way. i just can’t find any time, or effort, to stop it. or maybe i’m just not organised enough to be able to do that. i’m not really sure.

so i’m going to blog about myself, completely, today. like most people usually do.

i have finally made friends (sort of). in fact, i’ve realised that i made friends at work faster than i made friends at university, even though i only started work a week ago. the thing is, i’ve made friends with a lot of fourty year old men, give or take a few years, which is kind of awkward when i sit with them in my breaks. but they’re company, and they’re interesting, so it’s good enough for me.

at uni i’ve made a few sort of friends too. it was harder because i have a lot of friends doing my course, so i stick with them and don’t really talk to new people. but it’s starting to happen now, slowly but… no, just slowly.

everything’s changing. my friends and my groups and my lifestyle and the things that i do in my spare time and in my work time and, well, everything.

so what hasn’t changed? well first of all my mum. she’s still the same bitch that she’s always been. my love of shoes; a constant happiness in my life, and my cynicism. that’s only going to grow.

    • Garmon
    • March 24th, 2009

    i know something else that’s going to continue to grow

    • Garmon
    • March 24th, 2009

    knowledge =D

    • TW
    • March 25th, 2009

    I can relate with the whole co-workers thing. They would talk about their kids, and I would butt in with, “I LOVE POWER RANGERS; WANNA PLAY POKEMON WITH ME?”

    I think they want to get a playpen for me now. =/

  1. Talk about the bitch next time..We should form a anti-bitch parent association..My parents are great though..But I feel sorry for people who have really bitchy parents

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