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a few days ago, in public and in broad daylight, i said (a little too loudly) that normal people don’t matter. i was about to retract my statement before i realised it was true.

all that bullshit they feed you about how “normal people can make a difference” and how “your vote counts” is crap. the people that make a difference are not “normal” because if they were they couldn’t make a difference. and for the sake of this arguement i must mention that the people that vote don’t make a difference either; the politicians do. and most of the time their policies are practically the same, give or take the ultra conservatism on the right wing.

people that make a difference are labled. they transcend the world of “normality” and become categorised in different boxes. the angry feminists became lesbians. the communists became the threat from the east; evil little red band people that threatened stability and a way of life. the people trying to change the world became terrorists.

they all have their own ideology, they all have their own motivations and they all have their own backgrounds. but they don’t have normality.

my english teacher once taught us something like this. his point was that only beautiful people matter. it made a lot of sense at the time because he gave us a lot of examples; when we read novels and picture the main characters in our heads, they are always beautiful. actors are beautiful.

beautiful people, i have realised, are not normal. they glow. they’re vibrant and ecstatic and confident.

we are normal. us people, the people that just sit here and read the news, rather than taking part of it. the people that believe their vote or voice actually counts, while they’re actually being manipulated into thinking what they think. or the people that think differently, but are too scared or lazy or just can’t be fucked to do anything about it.

we’re all normal. and we don’t matter.

    • steventyp
    • March 22nd, 2009

    hello there..i stumbled upon ur blog some time ago and it’s been quite enjoyable reading a lot of the stuff you write here. And I have to say I agree with a lot of the things you have to say. So keep it up 🙂

  1. Yes, be abnormal! Do not conform with the norm! I agree 100% Be who you should be but tolerate others when they do so..

    Yet we would never be truly free from society….

    My take on politics:

    ~ESZ, James

  2. Being normal doesn’t necessarily go to say that you’re indifferent.

    nuff said.

    • blueprint4ndbeauty
    • March 25th, 2009

    I like your interpretation, up until the very end…I know, from your tone of your other posts, how you feel and that’s it a predominantly cynical take on life as we know it…but you contradict the middle viewpoint with your return to “we’re all normal.”

    I don’t know that we’re all normal…but I have to admit I’ve never thought of myself as normal. I suppose it’s been a long time (admitting my age here) since I’ve thought within the confines of that normal/unusual box. Sure, when I was a teenager, when I was in high school and even for the first couple years of college – I was always aware of my perception of self and how other people perceived me.

    These days, I adhere to a slightly different theory…I try to think of my every little action and interaction as important. Whether or not those are perceived as normal doesn’t matter as much to me as whether or not they’re perceived as good and kind and perhaps things that can help to have a positive impact on other people. I’m not talking about being a saint or a goody-goody, I’m talking about introducing a little humor, fun and maybe thoughtful conversation into other people’s lives.

    I think when it’s all said and done, it’s important for your actions to be weighted on the positive in your life. Whether or not those adhere to the socially acceptable mores is less of a concern.

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