anniversary .


can you believe that i’ve been blogging continuously for a year?! how crazy is that. obviously i have way too much to say.

maybe my attention span isn’t as short as i thought it was; maybe i don’t get bored too easily. maybe i underestimate myself. hopefully.

or maybe i just like bitching to the world about my life. i’m not quite sure. but i hope i will be blogging here for many years to come. we can have a birthday party every year, just you and me and the rest of the internet.

i think, in the near future, i will go back to my complaining modes in my blog. university has started, and i’ve already received a large amount of work which i have not yet started on. it will be like hsc over again; complaint after complaint about how lazy and unmotivated i am. bitch after bitch about how horrible this life is and how i want it all to be over. ah, the cycle of life.

a lot is going to change for me though. i’m moving on with my life (that sounds like i’ve just gotten out of a bad break-up, doesn’t it? well i haven’t). i am now employed, and i am going to save money and not buy shoes (or at least try to not buy shoes) so i can move out within about a month, give or take. originally the plan was to move out about now, but difficulties with employment and finances and centrelink (because it is a piece of shit) delayed my actions. but i have progressed!

i’m going to be giving up a lot by not living at home. a lot of material things, mostly, like shopping and shoes and pretty clothes, but also a lot of time. to be able to pay rent i need to work, and to work i need time. time is also necessary for university and university work, so i guess life won’t be as easy as it is right now. i’m also going to need to learn how to feed myself, which is one of the most difficult parts. if anyone has any easy recipes they’re welcome to share.

and you can have a piece of my life, if it’s not too boring and annoying. it will be right here. like it has been for a whole year.

    • jamesesz
    • March 15th, 2009

    Happy birthday Liz’s Blog!

    Come to think of it, my blog is not even a year old! Please don’t stop the nice work you have here….It would be such a waste..Some of ur post are terribly good and touching even..

    Blog on the work you have to do! I bet that would be inspirational! Lol..Just curious, which subjects are you taking in commerce?

    ~ESZ, James

    • Garmon
    • March 15th, 2009

    You sound like the end of a good tv show or an epic videogame. Nonetheless I will buy (or more likely download) the sequel and continue playing the game/watching the show.

    Happy Birthday to Lizpress and don’t die like I did with mine so many times. Keep this shit rolling and I’ll be back. RSS for life aight?

    Kay laters <2

  1. microeconomics, accounting, marketing and quantative methods. 😦

    • Nicole
    • March 15th, 2009

    Congratulations. You’ve proven you do actually have a proper attention span =P Joking.

    Go eat some cake 😀 And good luck with moving out ❤

    • TW
    • March 16th, 2009

    Congratulations! How funny we both hit the one year anniversary on the same month; and you have so much more entries. My blog is probably insanely jealous.

    Good luck with the next stage in your life. I’m sure you can handle all the new experiences.

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