liar, liar, pants on fire .

they lied to me. my whole life, they’ve lied to me. they told me it would be over. that after high school, the studying and the hardship would be over. it was all a lie.

i had seven hours of university today. i was bored out of my fucking mind, and i have a million pages to read. god these four years are going to be crazy. i always suspected that it would be worse than high school, and i never really believed my parents when they told me that all i had to do was work hard in high school and then it would be over, but the fact is that they still lied. and they continue to lie.

the bitches.

their words will no longer mean anything to me. after all this pain and suffering they have put me through, the weight of their pressure and expectations, the horrors of their world.

i will no longer accept them. i must break free.

from all the lies and oppression.

from all the expectations and conditions.

from the drama. oh the drama.

ignore me. i’m just bitter.

    • Garmon
    • March 11th, 2009

    it never really is over
    and things will never not be boring
    but remember it was you who chose that course
    and you dont even like it
    but its true what you say
    they hype the hsc up to be the final fight
    in actuality that was really just the training grounds
    but wouldnt you have known this asking your uni friends?

    • Nicole
    • March 11th, 2009

    This is what you get for choosing Commerce 😛

    I’m joking though. I’m sure it’ll get better. Remember, be optimistic! You might end up being smart.

  1. its hard to argue with your feelings here lizi

    but i will say that lies, drama, pressure, expectations, and conditions will always be around.

    the question is whether you give in to them…

    i hope that things look up for you soon. the next couple of years can be a great time if you make the right friends, and don’t take your self too seriously (but do take yourself somewhat seriously!)

    take care ^_^

  2. It’s a given all azn parents do the same thing.
    I’ve accepted the fact life will never be over…

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