aspirations .

today i saw the film he’s just not that into you. i must say, it’s probably one of those films that the whole female population adores while the male population confusedly ponders their reactions towards it. give or take a couple, of course; i can’t stereotype the whole world.

personally, as a cynic slash closet romantic (which means i love watching other people’s happily ever afters but don’t believe they will happen to me), i enjoyed the film very much. i didn’t love it, but i do believe that it exposes many of our flaws as women, as well as the true character of men. maybe if the film didn’t end so happily the message that “he’s just not that into you” would have gotten through better, but then it wouldn’t have been hollywood, and people wouldn’t have emerged from the film content and raving at how wonderful it was.

for those of you who haven’t seen it, he’s just not that into you is basically a film based on white lies. it shows us the truth (apparently) behind these white lies; why people tell them and why people believe them. it also shows us that (apparently) no matter how strong or how independent a woman is, her goal in life is to get married, and she will be unhappy until she starts choosing the colour of her bridesmaid dresses and what should be on the table centrepiece.

i guess i could rant about how ridiculous this assumption is, and how sexist and demeaning the portrayal of it could be, but when i walked out of that cinema and saw all the happy faces of the happy females around me, i knew it was true. they do search for their happily ever after; even the ones that protest about womens’ rights and equality for all. they still want that prince charming to come along and sweep them off their feet to carry them to the wedding ceremony of their dreams.

it’s kind of pathetic.

mostly because there could never be a man so perfect.

what i’d like to know is what men want. what get’s them going? if it’s not love, is it sex? if it’s not happily ever after, is it tv-and-beer-ever-after? and is it more pathetic than what the women want, or just more simplistic?

    • jamesesz
    • March 4th, 2009

    Unlimited wants versus finite resources have always been man’s problem. Could we not find beauty in imperfection like an oasis in the desert?

    Nothing holds any permanence. Not the things we touch and not the things we feel. We are all born seemingly free, and yet in chains in reality we are.

    What is left for humanity? If not a tinge of hope in a drought of dreams.

    ~ESZ, James

    • Garmon
    • March 4th, 2009

    everyone is different i guess
    people all have their own wants from the opposite sex
    but really in the long term its just oompanionship
    a reason not to die lonely
    and no one aims for perfect anyway
    their standards drop the older they get

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