spades and hearts .

throughout our lives, we humans have fought one true battle, one huge battle. the battle that has been written about more than any other battle in history. and no, it is not the war in iraq. it is the battle between the mind and the heart.

why do we all fight this battle? do our hearts really tell us things that the mind disagrees with? and why, then, must our wants from the mind and the heart be different, if we are the same person seeking the same ideals?

i confess that i will usually go with my mind, rather than my heart. i’m a thinker, and i think things through before i go through with them. but there are many people that ignore their mind, their consciousness and the ideals the world has created. they follow their hearts.

love. everyone writes about love. even more everyones have written about forbidden love. forbidden love leads to terrible things, our society tells us. it leads to death, poverty, disease, and the displeasure of the gods when you go with your heart. it leads to unhappy marriages and difficult lives and estrangement from families when you go with your mind. lose-lose situation, much?

i don’t get it. did wealthy people really fall for so many poor people? did pyramus and thisbe never have a chance? is it dramatised so we can feel better about our own lack of passion, since passion will lead to blood seeping into a mulberry tree?

and when will this battle finish? if, one day, society doesn’t put any pressure on us, and there are no expectations, no class definitions and no differences in race, will there still be stories about this forbidden love? will the books of this universal theme that we have all lived vicariously through be thrown away for different melodramas and different issues? and how will the world be without it? happier? sadder? more subdued?

or will they just watch five dimensional movies of eras past with people that had to fight battles between themselves, their minds and their hearts?

    • jamesesz
    • February 24th, 2009

    Dear Lizi and fellow thinker,

    You have written a very essay. Generally I agree with you. Many things that people say are different from the things that they do, even know they know they are contradicting themselves.

    In my opinion, time is the main problem. Because time (relatively) is a constant movement between two intervals from present to future. In saying so, this means that we cannot have everything at once. Due to time, people must make choices and thus must forsake the second best option.

    If man is not perfect and cannot accept that he can never be perfect(/pure), he can never be happy because he is hoping for something outside his reach.

    The huge battle you mentioned sounds to me like the battle between human being’s unlimited wants against the reality of limited resources.

    Do tell me more of your thoughts on the subject.

    Yours sincerely,
    ESZ, James

    • Garmon
    • February 24th, 2009

    well without forbidden love people would just have regular love
    with regular dramas
    because not all films or books are love have to be about the forbidden version
    theres always a cheater

    plus my brain and mind are in sync
    which is why im in decisive
    coz my brain is like iuno and my mind is like yeah me neither
    usually for foods i listen to my stomach and tongue
    but otherwise my psych controls my decisions

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