nobody knows .

the moon drifts behind the clouds as it watches her.

jacket off. shorts off.

the moon closes its eyes for a few seconds, like every night, just long enough for her to put the nightgown on. and then he slides his eyelids open, wondering what she’ll think today. listening to her thoughts are always a good way for him to pass the long hours in the sky.

concentrate. focus.


“… and sometimes i feel less like myself, and more like what he wants me to be…”

“… and my skirt doesn’t go well with that shirt…”

“… and even though we joke about it, i think about the future and wonder if it will happen…”

“… and then i need to call…”

“… and there are all these things i restrain myself from doing because i know it will upset him…”

“… and everything is so hard to keep together…”

“… and they tell me that i’ll look back upon it and regret it all…”

“… but what’s the point of living…”

“… when all you’re going to have…”

“… is regrets?”

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